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The Aeronautica Militare brand offers complete looks for men and women capable of satisfying both formal and casual styles, with very comfortable and original garments to be at the top on any occasion.

Explore the epic story of Aeronautica Militare, crafted by Cristiano Di Thiene SPA, the brand's licensee. Since the post-war era, the company specialized in high-end leather clothing production in 1960. With a long artisanal tradition and a long-term partnership with the Italian Air Force Headquarters, Aeronautica Militare offers a distinctive line of apparel and accessories cherished by flight enthusiasts and lovers of Italian style. Rooted in the artisanal leather craftsmanship and with an eye on the Italian military aviation, Aeronautica Militare stands out as a unique and original brand carrying the colors of Italy worldwide. Brogi Abbigliamento proudly serves as the official retailer of this iconic brand.

Cristiano Di Thiene SPA, licensee of the prestigious 'Aeronautica Militare' brand, boasts over 60 years of excellence in producing high-end leather clothing. Founded by Cristiano Sperotto in the post-war era, it has conquered national and international markets, becoming a reference point in the industry. In 2004, gaining approval from the Italian Air Force Headquarters, it entered a multi-year collaboration, personalizing garments and accessories with official emblems and logos. Led by Paolo and Armando Pio, the company continues to create product lines beloved by flight enthusiasts and admirers of Italian style. Blending artisanal leather craftsmanship with a profound connection to Italian military aviation, Aeronautica Militare symbolizes distinctive, authentic, and high-quality style. Discover a collection that carries the colors of Italy worldwide, making Aeronautica Militare a unique and original brand in national and international markets.

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