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The Berna brand produces clothing and accessories for men and women, targeting a young and trendy audience. Fit, comfort and quality are combined with the actuality of the models.

In 1930 Mr. Aldo Bernagozzi, tailor and textile trader, opened his shop in the center of Bologna, in Via dei Mille. After forty years of activity, in 1973 Mr. Bernagozzi sold his company to four of his most representative and deserving employees and it was from that moment that the current Successori Bernagozzi S.r.l. was born.

Successori Bernagozzi S.r.l thus continues in the previous activity of textile trade and wholesale fabric sales, however, moving its premises within the CENTERGROSS already since 1977, the year of the latter's inauguration, and thus becoming a historic company of this very important district of the European wholesale. The growth of Successori Bernagozzi S.r.l will therefore result, from that moment on, contextual to that of CenterGross during its first twenty years of life, now possessing 4 brands and 4 respective stores / warehouses (one for each of the brands owned by the Successori company. Bernagozzi S.r.l located all inside the CenterGross) and a logistics of 3000 square meters.

It is towards the end of the first decade of the 2000s, however, that the initiative of the new generation of Successori Bernagozzi S.r.l, strong in the wealth of experience gained over the years by the group, combined with a strong propensity to search for a young style and the quality of the materials , which gives life to the BERNA brand. In fact, Bern was born as a ready-to-wear line, but the quality of the product and the presence of a strong fashion character that characterizes it, mean that, in just 8 years, it has become an established brand throughout Italy.

Today Bern presents 2 collections per year (scheduled and fast-fasion) which it continues to add to the production of ready-to-wear garments (as an extension of the collections). In just seven years of life, the Berna brand alone can now count on a turnover of 17 million euros, a headquartes / warehouse of 2,000 square meters, a logistics area of ​​2,500 square meters, a showroom, a structure of 25 employees as well as 70,000 followers on main social network channels.

Their mission is to provide a comfortable and quality product that is always fashionable but, at the same time, at a fair price! They manufacture 80% of our products in Italy and we are located in a medium / medium-high market segment (men and women).

The style office is always at work in the search for trends, fabrics, patterns; this is to offer customers both fashionable collections (men, women, unisex) season after season and ready-to-wear models (fast-fashion) week after week. Bern has thought of the right mix of comfort and style for the Bern boy: clean, elegant but always trendy! And what about the bon-ton girl ?! She never goes unnoticed ... on every occasion!

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